Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SMASH*ing 2013 - Finished!

I've finished my 20013 Journal ... Yayy! The book was so fat by the time I had finished. I really tried to use flatter embellishments but it just never works out. In some ways I wish that the spine was wider on these journals! I find it very hard to photograph my journals towards the end - here is a photo showing how I tried to elevate one side so it would be flatter for photographing. But it still doesnt work that well because as you can see the pages still dont lie flat (they are lower near the spine) this makes it very hard to focus the whole page. If anyone has any suggestions on how to photograph this better I'd love to hear :)

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Crafty hugs xx


Kellie said...

WHOO HOO congratulations!

Joan said...

Wow, very impressive!! Congrats on finishing!

Jill said...

Doesn't it feel good to get this one done??

We are in the same boat with the big books, I always think I should not use bulky things in the books but it never works out, I still use them!!! I have three SMASHbooks completed now, they sure take up a lot of space on the shelf!!