Friday, August 8, 2014

Banana Choc Chip Muffins!

One of my favourite baking recipes is Banana choc-chip muffins. All my family love to eat them and they are very easy to make. I love one bowl recipes that just need a wooden spoon to mix - I'm not really into the loud heavy duty kitchen appliances. I've been making this recipe for many years. I think I initially found it in a magazine but then I simplified it and changed it to make it my own.

I really love banana and walnut muffins but my girls cant take anything with nuts in to school. So I started replacing the walnuts with choc-chips. You can really add whatever you like. Sometimes I use more chocolate chips, or less, or dark chocolate, or milk chocolate. In this recipe I used dark chocolate bits in the mixture and caramel chocolate bits on top - that was what I had in my pantry :)

Another handy hint for you is that when your bananas become over-ripe in the fruit bowl you can either use them straight away in your cooking or usually what I do is I put them in a plastic bag (with the skin on) and put them in the freezer until I need them.
Anyways, enough waffling from me - here is my recipe

Bananna Choc-chip muffins

2 cups SR flour
1 cup plain flour
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 cup raw sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 ½ cups milk
¾ cup oil
2 medium over-ripe bananas, peeled and roughly mashed
100 g milk choc bits + 50g milk choc bits for topping

Place flour, bicarbonate of soda and sugar in a large mixing bowl and stir together with a wooden spoon.
Add eggs, milk, oil, banana and chocolate chips and stir through with wooden spoon. Do not over-mix. It should be lumpy.
Add a dash more milk if it seems to dry (this sometimes depends on the size of the eggs and bananas used).
Line a muffin tray with large muffin patty pans. This recipe makes 18 large muffins. 
I like to use an icecream scoop to fill the pans - quick, easy and gives even sized portions.
Top each muffin with 3-5 little choc chips.

Bake in 200degC oven for 20 mins or until golden brown and firm.

Note: I like to use raw sugar but you could use white sugar or brown sugar if that is what you have or prefer.

Happy Baking!
hugs xx

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