Saturday, February 2, 2013

2012 SMASH Journal Finished!

I have finally finished my 2012 SMASH book. I used the orange book and just loved it for a "yearly diary/journal" - the pages are not as busy as some of the SMASH books are. I used about 6-8 pages per month which was achievable for me. I plan on using my 365 SMASH book for 2013! I will probably use less bulky embellishments in my 2013 book because it gets too bulky. Another option would be to have 2 books and only fill about half the pages in each .. Hmm will think about that!

Here is a view of the completed book. I decided not to decorate the front because I find it is harder for me to store.
 I kept the first page fairly plain
These pages have photos from a local Christmas pageant. It was 40degC that day and we almost melted it was so hot. My youngest daughter Jessica was on the Kindy float "under the sea". She dressed as a fairy ... of course! She was so excited! It made me cry it was all so beautiful and special. Rachael and I wrote silly messages on the road using the chalk "Please Santa, I can explain!" we got a few amused looks!
 These last pages are from Christmas day - just the general larger than life excitement!

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Frea said...

Hi Karyn, looks 'smashing'!! Hugs Frea

Cathy Vee said...

Omg Karyn!!!!!! That's awesome !!!! I would love to see it from beginning to end!!!